1.1 Notifications

The Notifications section allows users to monitor data relating to specific term entries a user inputs. It allow you to create alerts for short term discussion topics and social trends delivered straight to the user's email inbox!

In the text box of the “Search” option, a user can filter for terms they hope to monitor and track.

The "Trend Strength" can help show how strong a particular keyword is trending at a given point in time, showing the very short-term momentum of a keyword. The “Summary” section of each term summarizes social discussion using NLP Machine Learning techniques. This sheds insights on exactly what consumers in general think about a keyword based on social discussion. Right below the summary, we see phrases relating to social discussion around the user-inputted term, to further see exactly what social media users are saying commonly about the broader term. The "Trend Strength" chart on the right shows a week’s worth of social impression data. Users can hover over the value and see a value with 0 being the lowest value and no upper limit. This value on the chart simply is dividing the current level of social discussion within the respective hour on the hovered area of the chart by average amount of social impression data in the trailing 3 months.

For example, we see a value of roughly 0.89 when hovering at this point in the “formula 1” keyword chart. This means that aggregate social impression value / social buzz around the keyword in this particular hour is a little under 10% what it has been in the most recent 3 month period.

Next, the “Trend Strength” value on top has values from 0 to 1, and is calculated only using this week or so of data within the chart. It simply shows a user the percentile within this overall chart of most recent value when hovering. In the case above, it indicates that as of this screenshot, the most recent social impression value is in the 43rd percentile of all hourly values in this week's worth of data on the chart. These values are further summarized in the following formulas:

  • Hovered Value Within Chart

    • Current hour of social impression volume / the average of the trailing 3 months of social impression volume.

  • Trend Strength

    • Percentile of the last hourly value of the social impression data within the context of the trailing 7 days.

All terms available for Notifications are listed and the “Search” helps users filter for the term they are looking for at that time. Additionally, users can hit the "Subscribed" button when they want to receive daily email notifications about the keyword in question.

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