1.5 Exploding Trends

In this section, users can easily discover the hottest trends occurring in real-time. The view is automatically generated for the users and has tens of pages of keywords to explore. The page is meant to be used as a trend discovery tool, helping users spot fast growing keyword searches. This can aid their stock picking experience and help with idea generation. It is very important to note, these keywords are generated without manual input by the user

In the example above, we navigated to the "Trend" data type, but users can select any data type they prefer.

Users have a 5-year view of how much interest a keyword is getting and can decide to analyze any of these terms for their stock discovery research. Let's say "medical aesthetics" catches a user's eye and they want to discover related stocks.

The user simply selects "Search" in the top right corner and is led directly to the Summary Page showing related stocks they can then go ahead and research within the Summary Page. If they are done looking and want to go back to the page they left off on they simply click "Back" right next to the "Summary" title.

This makes for fast trend and stock discovery. If after going back the user decides to do more research on terms similar, they can click on the "Related Terms".

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