3.1 Edit Data

In the “Edit Data” section, users have the option to add or delete ticker symbols, as well as add or delete social trend data. Firstly, for adding Tickers, after clicking “Add” in the Tickers middle section, users are prompted to this tab:

This is where they input the ticker symbol associated with the ticker they are looking into (Stock, Crypto, Forex, etc.) and click on the suggestion you are searching for.

Next, to add social data to be analyzed, a user can navigate to the “Add” button in the “Data” section on the right, which leads to this following page:

Here, users can add any trends they want to keep track of by filling in the “Data Type” and "Data Term" text boxes for the stock they want in the left “Ticker” dropdown menu.

After these fields are populated the user can then click “Save”.

A user can also create their own Spreadsheet (after viewing the format of the “Template Spreadsheet” above) if they want to view self-collected data in the TickerTrends Interface after clicking “Import”. Follow the instructions listed in the “Template Spreadsheet” for the imports to be made. Users can import both entire categories (categories explained in great detail below) and social/trend terms for a list of tickers all at once. A user, through this import feature, can save vast amounts of time if they want to quickly import tens or hundreds of tickers’ associated trend/social keywords as long as they follow the import template. This means that for larger workloads, users don’t need to add terms one-by-one.

The “Edit Category” in the top right corner of the page is also a very valuable tool users can utilize.

When pressed, users can toggle between different categories of tickers. In this case, between “crypto” and “stock” categories.

By default, the current category is set to “stock” as shown on the top right corner. When “stock” is selected, the current list of tickers in the “stock” category populate on the right column. We notice on the left column, the “crypto” tickers show up. The tickers on the left column includes every ticker not in the current set category. If the user wanted to add tickers from the left side to the right (current set category), they would click the double arrows in the middle of the page. After all desired terms are added, click “Set Category” to solidify the category.

“Add Category” allows the user to create their own set of tickers.

Simply name the category and save it. For example, let’s set the category “test_watchlist”. Click “Save New Category” and refresh the page. Choose the new “test_watchlist” category from the dropdown menu and click “Set Category”. The user should now see an empty column on the right hand side.

The user can now add any tickers to focus on in this new watchlist. Navigating back to the main “Analyze” section, there is now a clean slate and no tickers added. This allows users to focus only on a smaller set of very specific tickers they are interested in analyzing, and separating it from the rest.

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