1.2 Ticker Screener

The Ticker Screener page gives users a view of tickers with a wide range of information about each one, including features like sector, annual stock price change, volume, ticker market cap, google trend, youtube, tiktok, web traffic and wikipedia year-over-year values.

Notice that the Stock Screener has a "Version 1" and "Version 2" in the upper search box. Firstly, we will focus on "Version 1".

There is one default formula on the Stock Screener data-table, which the Price 1Y %, “Trend”, "Youtube", “Tiktok”, “Web”, and "Wiki" are calculated based on:

  • YOY value

    • Current social value / value 1 year ago

Version 1 focuses on helping users track all data trends across their locally added stocks on their TickerTrends' account.

Use the filter button to limit the tickers shown based on specific market sectors or your desired ranges of different values.

You can also order the tickers based on any of the viewable categories using the ascending or descending arrows on any column title and the dataset will be sorted by that feature. These categories help the user focus on a specific criteria they are interested in.

Next, the user can click "Version 2" in the top right box to see a TickerTrends Proprietary Stock List. The major difference is that Version 2 contains a list of tickers that the user did not need to manually add to their TickerTrends' accounts versus Version 1 that only incorporates stocks that the user has added themselves.

This makes Version 2 an immensely powerful tool in that users can discover trending stocks at a glance while the TickerTrends algorithm sorts and calculates trend, youtube, tiktok, web and wiki Proprietary scores for them across 10,000's of stocks automatically.

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