2.3.3 Trend Chart

The Trend Chart allows users to plot single or simultaneous Google Trend search terms into a single chart. These Google Trend values are calculated via linear interpolation between data points. So if data points for only Day 1 and 4 are available as an example, Day 2 and 3 would be interpolated linearly and filled with the appropriate value. When the “Ticker” box is clicked, a dropdown menu of all stocks will appear. The user can then select a stock they want to analyze. This will populate the “Term” dropdown menu with all of the default and user self-added Google Trend terms. As with the Pro Chart, the “Period” and “Moving Average” are also changeable to adjust/smooth the data. When a ticker has multiple terms available, synthetic mode can be selected to combine the different terms into one single trend line, producing an aggregate, single combined line.

The user can create a synthetic term by clicking whatever terms are available and choosing “Synthetic” then “Add” to the first term. After that, it is very important to click the first term’s box. It should turn a darker shade of black when done right as such.

In this case, “Nike Air : trend” box is selected. Do the same process for the second term with the box selected and then finally select “Search”.

The final line shows a combined aggregate line with both Trend values in this particular example.

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